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Jerry Allen: Buy Jerry's CDs

Secret Rhythm - CD

Jerry's sophmore release from 2002. This CD is full of fun, original pop/dance hits that you can dance to, remininisce about or cry over :)
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JERRY ALLEN: Secret Rhythm

Merry Christmas From Jerry Allen - CD

This vivacious pop artist's music is reminiscent of Savage Garden, Richard Marx, and BBMAK. So what are you waiting for?Check out this fresh, new take on some old favorite Christmas songs, including Jerry Allen's original Christmas song, "Alleluia".
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JERRY ALLEN: Merry Christmas from Jerry Allen
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Beyond The Horizon - CD

Written for Gevania Records in 2003, this CD tells a story of a young man's journey home, his quest for and discovery of new love, his loneliness and despair and his ultimate triumph over his enemies. You'll love this eclectic mix of pop and classical originals from Jerry Allen!
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It's Just Love - Jerry's First CD!!!!

"It's Just Love" was actually Jerry's second foray into the recording studio but the first product he was able to sell to the public. It took three years to make this CD but Jerry is very proud of his first "baby". Make sure you grab one of these 14 track CDS. All songs are Jerry Allen originals.
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Beyond the Horizon/Merry Christmas from Jerry Allen - Downloadable MP3's

Don't want to buy the entire CD? You only like one or two songs? Well, then click on this link to download individual Jerry Allen songs or the entire CD from his latest releases, "Beyond the Horizon" and "Merry Christmas from Jerry Allen" for only $.88 a song!!!!
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Exposed - CD