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Jerry Allen: Jerry's Pics

Jerry and Friends

Jerry and friends getting ready to go out partying in Massachusetts
Jerry and Karen meet for the very first time after 3 years of singing online together!!!
Me and Myra at our housewarming party
Me and Betsy at the housewarming party
Lory, Elvin, and Betsy at the housewarming party
Jerry and DonnaRae at Dorney Park
Me and Greg and the Jing in Massachusetts
Me and Tabatha on bowling night
Me and Tabatha trying to be tough. Stop smiling Tabatha!
Me and Greg in our real Halloween costumes
Me and my friend, Vicky at Six Flags
Me and Greg being silly trying on Halloween stuff
Divas, Myra and Jerry
The bottom of the card says "Sincerely Yours, Jerry Grover". My friend made me these cards for Christmas and I love to hand them out when deserved. lol
Damn those and my ABF (Almost Best Friend) DonnaRae were testing them at her pool this past summer for the Jungle Party...we tested a LOT of them
Here is Jerry with his new friend from Canada, Julie!
I"m a good uncle!!!  (horrible picture of me though, thank god  Addison is so cute lol)
Don't ask me why we ended up painting our faces. It must be an Irish thing
Our buddies, Caroline and Holly at New Year's Eve
Me and Tabatha at Diamonz
Me and Ang at Diamonz
One of the few profile shots of me that I actually like. Awww, aren't we the cutest?
Jerry with friends, Tammy, Julie, and Kim from Massachusetts