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Jerry Allen: Jerry's Music

The Play: Dance Mix

(Jerry Allen)
September 1, 2007
Lyrics by Kaityln Merrill. Music by Jerry Allen
The Play: By Kaityln Merrill and Jerry Allen

I saw the play and it all looked good
You were so strong like I knew you would
The curtain fell and life moved on
Now suddenly, all your strength is gone
I need a man by my side
But all you ever do is hide
I don't know where you wanna go
But I think that I"d be safer on my own
You live in the shadows of a broken dream
too shy to talk, too afraid to scream
You live in the dark, hide yourself from the light
Too much of a coward to do what is right
You're all pretend when I need real
Why are you afraid to feel?
Vs 2
It came around to the second act
By then I knew you were talking smack
I waited there with outstretched hand
Hoping in vain that you would take a stand
I needed you to stop my tears
But you were lost somewhewre deep in your fears
Where is this path going to lead?
Please don't say you have to leave
Repeat Chorus
Final Bridge:
So much life can pass you by
When you're sitting on the side afraid to try
The one thing that proves you are brave
Is finally admitting you're afraid
Repeat Chorus