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Jerry Allen: Jerry's Music

Falling Remix 2007

(Jerry Allen)
January 1, 2003
words and music by Jerry Allen
I wrote this song quite a few years ago. It's about love at first sight...whether you believe in it or not, this is about those feelings that we've all had at one time or the other...or many's about letting go and letting yourself open to new things. This is a ballad mix of the song which I just finished a few days ago using my awesome new Yamaha portable grand that Bill bought me for Christmas. Just listen to how beautiful the piano sounds. The strings and bells are also from the new keyboard. My vocals are rough and will be redone so please don't listen to them too closely lol
Verse One
How can I describe to you
The inner will that pulls me to this truth
That I just can't deny?
How can I confess to this?
My beating heart and trembling lips
Each time you hold me in your arms
And it's funny how my heart can know
When my intellect says take it slow
But time is not the answer
This boy needs
Cuz I'm falling in love with a stranger
And I've opened my heart to the risk
I'm finding that I"m loving the danger
And I"m not gonna run again
Verse 2
One by one restrictions fade
We write the book on rules unmade
We stay while the world is moving on...mmmm
I used to think that love was dead
Til destiny lifted her head and sang
And we joined in harmony
And I haven't known you for too long
And some may wonder if I"m wrong
But if happiness is wrong, then what is right?
Repeat Chorus
Final Bridge:
And I know I"m taking quite a chance
But life's a rhythm and love's the dance
So won't you be my partner through this song?
Repeat Chorus