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Jerry Allen: Jerry's Music

Life's A Party

(Jerry Allen)
August 1, 2005
Lyrics/Melody/Arrangement by Jerry Allen
I originally made this arrangment for a pop/dance version of the country song "Jimmy's Got a Girlfriend" by the Wilkinsons. My sister and I have sung it together many times as a duet. however, I loved this arrangment so much that I knew I had to have it on the new CD. So, I wrote brand new lyrics and a melody to go with it to make the song mine. "Party" is about not caring what people think about you and just having FUN cuz you only live once. I have learned that people tend to get entirely too serious about life. This song describes me perfectly :)
Verse One:
I’m fine
I’m free
Don’t really care if they are talking bout me
I don’t need
Any advice
Can make my own decisions
Whether naughty or nice

I keep moving
I keep grooving
To my own beat cuz I’ve got nothing to lose and
What I want is a glass of wine
Grab some friends and have a good time
Dance thru the night til the sun is shining
Life’s a party
What I want is my own direction
Accept who I am, there’s no perfection
Have fun! It’s all perception
Life’s a party

Verse Two:

You say
I’m bad
Don’t really care cuz you’re the one who is sad
You say
I’m not right
So what if I am wrong, I’ve learned how to fly

Repeat Bridge chorus twice