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Jerry Allen: Links

You Can Also Find Jerry Allen Here:

My Space
Check out Jerry on MySpace! Add him to your friends! :)
My Space
This is my other MySpace account dedicted to my music only

Please Check Out My Music Buddies!!!!

Bree Noble
You haven't heard singing until you have heard Bree sing! You MUST check out her amazing site! I have been honored to sing with Bree on several projects and we will be doing a duet for "Exposed". Bree produced my third Cd, "Beyond The Horizon" which can be bought at my "Buy Jerry's Cds" page. Bree is an amazingly talented performer and songwriter.....make sure you click this link to hear her music!
Mitch Michaels on Talent Match
This is my good friend, Mitch, from Florida. Mitch is a fantastic pop artist with a phenomenal voice. Please check out his music and I know you'll agree that this man is a star in the making!
Desert Rain Band
Check out my co-worker, Rita and her amazing band! She has an incredible voice and I'm so glad we are able to perform together

Please Check Out My Affiliations

Victoria Rose Productions
Welcome to Victoria Rose Productions Australia and USA. Our business offers, marketing tools, singers, songwriters, composers, to help you with your goals, of putting a CD or story together for a Musical/script. Our collaborators Network is fantastic, with the most awesome music and vocals you could ever hear. Check out Jerry Allen on the Victoria Rose Production website!
Write Songs 4 You
Did you ever wish you could have a personalized song written just for you to be sung to that special someone or to commemorate a special occasion? Well, then check out this website! Jerry Allen is estatic to be a part of this exciting adventure into customized songwriting/singing. Newly established, the WriteSongs4You team is definitely going places! Make sure you check them out!
Gevania Records
Check out Jerry's record label, Gevania Records. Gevania is a brand new company designed to promote and assist unsigned artists to reach their dreams. Jerry is a register member and co-producer for the company. If you are a struggling musician, make sure to check out this site and see what Gevania can offer you!
Search the web using Zepti! They were kind enough to add my website to their database so please use them once in awhile

Friend's Websites

Nicole and Victoria's Website
These are my very good friends, Victoria and Nicole who live in New Hampshire. Nicole and I used to be in a band together called Klassik Black when I was 21 and she was 17. I was blessed to have been able to attend their beautiful wedding in September of 2004. They're the BEST and I love them dearly
The Satin Bow
My friend Allison took on the adventure of starting her own business and has been very successful so far. She has finalized her new website and is eager to show off her new designs. Please take a look at the attached link and feel free to forward this on to anyone you know who may be getting married, or having a baby, or christening etc. She has done a ton of work for mutual friends already and I am truly impressed with everything she creates. I only wish I had a talent like this. Allison is making this year's Wine & Cheese party invitations and we can't wait! Thanks for checking this out!